Simple Port Infrared Adapter

Product ID: IR-420

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Tekram manufactures a complete line of Infrared Data Association (IrDA) compliant products, designed to provide wireless file transfer and printing for your notebook and desktop PCs. the IR-410, fast infrared upgraded kit, is a plug-in solution for users who require the highest performance. The IR-210, serial port infrared adapter, plugs directly into your PCs serial (RS-232) port to enable a convenient, wireless data change. The IR-420, simple adapter for FIR, and IR-220, simple adapter for SIR, are designed for system boards that come equipped with built-in FIR/SIR I/O controllers, and come with one bracket to insert into your PC and a single customized cable to directly connect to the infrared pin-header on your mother board. Each IRmate adapter incorporates an infrared receiver and transmitter designed for Infrared Data Association (IrDA) compliance. The IRmate casing is designed with a universal swivel mounting, making it easy to position the unit in all directions. Easy-to-use Windows-based file transfer and synchronization software is included. The synchronization feature keeps files on different PCs up-to-date automatically. Portable PC users demand a more convenient way to transfer files between their notebook an desktop PCs. the hassles of using cables, stacks of floppies and hard-to-use software, can make mobile computing a real chore. That is why infrared connectivity is becoming the new standard for cost effective wireless file transfer for notebook PCs. its outstanding features such as low cost, low power requirements, high noise immunity, etc. make is an ideal way to quickly and efficiently transfer data inconvenience associated with standard methods of file transfer, the IRmate series is the right choice.
  • Meets IrDA 1.0 physical specifications
  • Support speeds:
    • 4Mbits/s protocol (FIR)
    • 1.152Mbits/s protocol (MIR)
    • IrDA-1.0, 115.2Kbits/s protocol (SIR)
  • A single customized cable to directly connect to infrared pin-header on your mother board
  • System mainboard should have FIR compliant I/O controller built-in

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