Hand Held Laser Scanner

Product ID: Premier A-50 series

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  • Optical
    • Light source: 650 +/- 5nm visible laser diode
    • Scan angle: premier A-50WA: 53degree, Premier A-50Ap:42degree, Premier A-50LR: 23 degrees
    • Scan pattern: single scan line
    • Scan rate: 36 scans/sec
    • PCS Value:30% or more
  • Electrical
    • Supply voltage: 5V DC +/-10%
    • Power consumption: 160mA typical in operation
  • Environment
    • Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 40 Celsius(A-50WA), 0 ~ 50 Celsius(A-50Ap & A-50LR)
    • Storage Temp.: -20 ~ 60 Celsius
    • Humidity: 20% RH to 85% RH
    • Ambient light rejection: 4500Lux Max (Fluorescence), 86000Lux Max (Sunlight)
  • Safety
    • Laser safety: CDRH class / IEC 825-1 class 1, CDRH class IIIa (A-50LR)
  • Mechanical
    • Connector type: RJ-45 phone jack connector
    • Weight: 145g, not include cable and connector
    • Case material: ABS plastic
  • Interface
    • Keyboard emulation, C-MOS serial and wand emulation all in one unit
  • Type of keyboard emulated
    • IBM PC/XT/AT, IBM PS/2 Model 30-80, IBM 5550, 5530-SC, 5530-ZC, IBM 3196, 3472/3477, 5295 terminal, NEC 9801, Apple MACII and more...
  • Readable codes
    • Code 39, full ASCII code 39, interleaved 2 of 5, UPC A, UPC E, EAN/JAN8, EAN/JAN13, ISBN/ISSN code 128, code 93, codabar, Chinese post code
  • Programmable characteristic
    • Built-In decoder: type interface, code type selection, check digit selection, decoding option, transmitted character delay, header selection, trailer selection, good read beep tone, bar-code indentifier
    • Keyboard emulation configuration: inter-message delay, keyboard type and keyboard language
    • Serial interface configuration: ACK/NAK, Xon / Xoff, RTS / CTS, Baud rate, data bit, stop bit, party
  • Multi-inerface communication, RS-232C, C-MOS serial, Wand and keyboard emulation in on unit.
  • The premier A-50 offers three different integrated scanning option which allows users more toward the applications.
  • The premier A-50WA incorporates a general purpose wide angle scan engine. The premier A-50AP uses an advanced performance scan engine for scanning distance up to 76 cm(30 inches). The premier A-50LR utilizes a long range scanning engine capable of scanning at over 500cm (200 inches).
  • With a durable trigger switch.
  • Good read LED indicator and tone programmable beeper.
  • Built-in decoder allows discrimination of most popular bar code symbologies automatically and to be configured by scanning the programming menu.
  • The RS-232C configuration provides the RS-232C serial interface as well as supporting Ack/NAK, Xon/Xoff, and RTS/CTS communication protocol.
  • Ideal for many applications including retail point of sale, shelf price audit, receiving & distribution, inventory control, document control and more.

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