White Fused Alumina

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Electrically fused from Bayer alumina, white color, its hardness is a little higher, but toughness slightly lower than that of A. It is used for fabrication of bonded and coated abrasive products for the grinding of the steels, with great hardness, such as high carbon steel, alloy steel, and high speed steel. Its non-abrasive uses are precision casting molding sand, spray coating material, catalyst carrier, high temperature ceramic, and super refractory material, etc.
Grit Size/Weight %/Chem. Comp. Al2O3 Na2O
4# ~ 90# >= 98.5 = 98.5
  • Base mineral: alpha-Al2O3
  • Crystal size(um): 600 ~ 1400
  • True density(g/cm^3): >3.90
  • Bulk density(g/cm^3): 1.75 ~ 1.84
  • Knoop hardness(kg/mm^2): 2200 ~ 2300
  • Toughness (single grain crushing strength)(kg): 0.72

Main Products

abrasive materials, grinding tools, silicon lakeside, heating elements, magnesium, magnesium alloy