Earth Leakage - Protect Plug

Product ID: KD-2215P

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  • Number of poles: 2P(arranged 11)
  • Rated voltage: 220~240V AC
  • Rated current: 15A
  • Rated sensitivity current: 15mA
  • Rated non-tripping current: 7.5mA
  • Operating condition: indoor(though protected against rainwater)
  • Weight: 95g(net)
  • Provides the maximum safety by means of the leakage-protect device which is compactly built in the plug. Thus, unlike conventional equipment, it ensures overall protection as the equipment is also protected against leakage and electric shock at its wiring.
  • To be used in the circuits of home electrical appliances such as: washing machines, electronic range, garden lamps, etc.
  • To be used in the circuits of business machines such as: vending machines, freezer showcases, etc.
  • To be used in the circuits of construction equipment such as: electric tools, hydraulic pumps, electric work drum etc.

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