Bulgy Cover Distribution Board

Product ID: XXM(LJ)-05-2A(B), XXM(LS)-05-2A(B), XRM(LJ)-05-2A(B), XRM(LS)-05-2A(B)

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The bulgy distribution system has eight styles. Each style has 3-8 outgoing ways available. Various size can be available according to the number of outgoing ways.
  • Both of incoming and outgoing breakers control the line and neutral at the same time, prevent the shock caused by the mistake in wiring.
  • The distribution boards look noble with its milk body and black breakers.
  • The distribution boards are made of 1.2mm thick zine anneal steel with powder coated finishing.
  • There is an earth bar inside.
  • All breakers equipped on their terminals with wire clamps provide easier and more effective execution of wiring work.
  • Surface and flush mounted type
  • The models of main switch available:
    • LJ style: series J earth leakage circuit breakers.
    • LS style: series S earth leakage circuit breakers and KD-B series safety breaker.
  • Model of sub-switch available
    • KD-B series safety breakers
    • LS series earth leakage circuit breakers.

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