CheetaHub Power - 3012A

Product ID: EH3012A

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The stickball CheetaHub Power-3012A break Fast Ethernet's two-hub cascade barrier. It allows you link up to five hubs via built-in stack ports in a single segment, all without having to use switches or other expensive network interconnection equipment. A single CheetaHub stack can easily meet the networking needs of nearly any small to mediumsize workgroup. Using stickball CheetaHubs provides a modular approach to network expansion-stack off with one or two hubs to meet your current needs, and just plug additional hubs into the stack as your network grows. With a stack of 12 to 60 ports, punning at 100Mbps, the CheetaHub provides a no-fuss approach to building a tightly linked, Fast Ethernet network.
  • 12Fast Ethernet repeater ports, one port can be configured as a daisy-chain port to up link to the network.
  • These hubs can be stacked up to 5 high using the built-in stack ports.
  • Optional SmartExtender Switch modules provide flexible networking option, including a remote link via 100BASE-FX fiber optic cable.
  • Stack-and-play, automatic stack configuration for easy installation.
  • SmartWatct front-panel indicators display key network activity and simplify troubleshooting.
  • Desktop or rack-mount installation.

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