EVA Fishing Floats

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Durable, reliable, resistant. Fishermen all over the world rely on Baolong EVA floats. Give your gear the support it need with Baolong quality floats. Baolong EVA Floats should give better durability at heavy duty in practical use caused by higher mechanical power of net hauling system, bad & cool weather conditions and increasing frequency of catching.
Item No. Net weight Buoyancy Size(L x W x Dia.)mm Q'ty / carton
BL-2 85g 650g 150 x 90 x 18 144pcs
BL-3 1205g 900g 140 x 110 x 22 120pcs
BL-6 230g 1450g 165 x 125 x 24 65pcs
BL-10 520g 4000g 208 x 194 x 35 27pcs
BL-12 600g 5000g 226 x 195 x 40 27pcs
BL-14 700g 6050g 245 x 202 x 40 27pcs
  • Baolong EVA floats never crack in the body after used for several years.
  • It quite different from those floats made of PVC.
  • Therefore Baolong EVA floats already got high reputations come from fishermen all around the world.

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