Truck - Mounted Concrete Pumps

Product ID: BOOM

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Model Max. output (Piston/rod) Max. pressure ("/bar)
CF-A7-1 67/111 108/65
CF-A7-2 78/128 93/57
CF-A7-3 78/128 93/57
CF-A8 110/182 88/52
Boom model Max. vertical Max. horizontal
B5R23/19 22.7m 19m
4R32 31.8m 28m
4R36 36m 32.16m
  • Powerful patented concrete pumps
  • Easy operation, low concrete slump
  • When delivery pipes are washed, water and air can be used at the same time
  • The mixing blade can change its direction then it meet with huge resistance
  • With large output, and smaller back force, the end-pipe operation can be easily done
  • Wear plate/ring of our pump value are awarded patent from Germany.. etc.

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