Chwen Shyang Enterprise Co., Ltd
Since Chwen Shyang Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975, we have re-organized and been developing to be a professional manufacturer producing over printing varnish (Acrylic Resin) for various printed paper substrates. A common saying: The tailor makes the man. The importance of packaging is clearly visible. And the over printing varnish just plays the main role that gives the vitality to packaging because it possesses the features of beautification, protection and value increment. Chwen Shyang Enterprise devotes to manufacture and sales of over printing varnish for 20 years and over. Product quality and honesty are our number one tenet, and we take pride in providing the highest quality products and meeting the needs of our all customers. We insist that the continuous R & D create new products and techniques. Therefore we have been cooperating with the research institutes owned by government and universities in order to get the newest techniques that maintains the production of high quality products to increase the texture of customers' products. To keep our green earth, late years we have been developing completely pollution-free (water base) products. We are proud of the guardian angel of earth and of a soldier for environment protection. We sincerely hope we can offer efforts for the world we live.