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  • Installation and Mannal
    • 1.Choose one suitable place (easy to get hand phone) on the dashboard of car.
    • 2.Please clean the surface where expected to install the phone holder and keep it arid. Please clean the surface by alcohol if the sticker has been used before.
    • 3.Take the dual tape which on the phone holder reverse side stick the phone holder on the expected position and press the phone holder by your hand to make sure the tape has airtight with the surface. After that you have finished the phone holder stallation.
    • 4.Suck your hand phone on the phone holder the powerful magnetic inside the phone holder hand suck your hand phone completely even you have using leather covering for your hand phone.
  • Warning
    • 1.Do not stick the phone holder on the top of car or around the air bag.
    • 2.If your hand phone is using lithium battery please stick the small steel as attached on the battery, then the phone holder can suck your hand phone easily.
    • 3.Do not use phone holder if the hand phone with color manitor or old battery.

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