Restoration Card

Product ID: T10111

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A unique piece of interface card which can protect hard disk it can also protect anti virus, mistaken operation, erroneous deletion and distorted matters, when the above condition appear, only the PC is restored, everything will be restored to original state. It can ran FDISK / FORMAT / DELETE freely, and will restore the original state when reboot the PC. It can set the mode if opening the machine and its restoration: automatic restoration after opening the machine / choice of restoration / machine restoration at intervals. It need not prevent writing / prevent correcting / prevent deletion and any system can do smoothly.
  • Best compatibility: TX main board / multiple reboot / 2.5 GB HD / CMOS keep up / DOS / Win 3.1 / Win 95.
  • Strong function: Hard disk duplication, two modes staring and restoring of the machine protection for secrete code, the machine can still work after the card is taken out.

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