Product ID: H4001 L101 W45

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We improve the shortcomings of general hinges, such as axial/fastening disentwining, possible outer axial disengagement, too tight or too loose for switch door, strange sound and etc... Of course, we also upgrade the quality to hinges.
  • Model Number
    • H3001 L76 W31
    • H3101 L76 W31
    • H4001 L101 W45
    • H4104 L101 W45
    • H4005 L101 W38
    • H4105 L101 W38
  • To prevent axle-end from loosing.
  • Adjustable anti-loose.
  • Anti-loose disk spring
  • Anti-loose lock.
  • Keep rotation center
  • No error on axle center hot processed, durable and reliable.

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