Compressor Parts

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We manufacture reliable sintered metal components for automobiles, appliances and general machinery. Our company is leading manufacturer in the field. Our range includes, Automotive components: oil pump gears, shock absorber parts, timing gears & pulleys, rotors, carbon brushes. General machine & appliance components: electric & pneumatic power tool parts, bronze stainless steel filters, high-speed steel pares, sewing machine & lock parts, soft-magnetic & permalloy parts.
  • Universal: our products can be applied to multiple purpose. We can offer different alloy products according to customers' requests.
  • Economical: we are well equipped to make mass production and to reduce unnecessary production procedures.
  • Accurate: accuracy is a main factor in our production. We also provide with special surface treatments.
  • High dense: in different portions of alloy, high dense alloy is also available.
  • Lubricational: as the pores of alloy can hold oil. We use this principle to manufacture products with high lubrication.
  • Effective: investing in high precision equipment gives us the ability to produce various and complicated products in one time, fast and effectively.
  • Product applications, electrical home appliance: bearing used in compressor parts, sewing machine parts, ventilators and electric fans.

Main Products

shock absorbers, pistons, break shoe and other parts relevant, bearings used in compressor parts, sewing machine parts, ventilators and electric fans,...