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No. 0 shampoo for normal hair / before chemical treatment. The shampoo is a deeply but gently cleansing shampoo. Specially formulated for normal hair. Ideal for adding body and volume. The special cleansing properties for removing fixative build-up. Also perfect as a pre-chemical shampoo. No. 1 shampoo for oily / fine / limp hair. A luxurious cleanser naturally formulated to reduce the production of oil and reinforce the internal structure of hair. Give hair more volume and fullness. Leave the scalp and hair feeling fresh and body. No. 2 ZP shampoo for flakes / itchy scalp. Create the natural balance of the hair's moisture. Combat the problems of flaky, itchy scalp. The special prescription gently cleans and purifies the scalp of dryness and flakiness while replenishing moisture. No. 3 shampoo for lifeless / damaged / chemically-treated hair. The unique conditioning shampoo is specially for those with dry to damaged hair. Ideal for frequent use. Contain natural collagen and repair damaged hair, split ends, revitalizing inner structure. Leave hair shiny, healthy and bouncy.
  • SE32: 500ml, pH: 6.05
  • SE33: 500ml, pH: 6.05
  • SE34: 500ml, pH: 6.20
  • SE35: 500ml, pH: 6.25

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