Multi - Lock Construction Scaffold Screen

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Multi-Lock Construction Scaffold Screen meets JIS A8952-1989. Provides comfort of shading and ventilation to the worker from harsh sun ray. Protect construction workers falling from construction scaffold. Prevent falling objects from hurting pedestrian. Keep construction sites clean and reduce dust pollution to the city. Multi-Lock Construction Scaffold Screen protect workers, pedestrians and the environment.
  • ML-1836: 1800(W) x 3600(L)
  • ML-1848: 1800(W) x 4800(L)
  • ML-1860: 1800(W) x 6000(L)
  • Screen density: >= 2000cell/dm square
  • Pull force x elongation: >= 49KN x mm
  • Breakage strength: withstand the impact of a 5kg steel pipe dropping from 3m height.
  • Fire retardation: time to after flame and self extinguish from start of burning less than 4sec.
  • Spacing between grommet or tie rope: less than 450mm.

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