Complete X.25 Networking Solutions On PC With ALEX.25 Card

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  • The ALEX.25 is a high-performance X.25 communication controller card with lowest cost. It has dual X.25 trunk ports, providing full redundancy and loadsharig. The ALEX.25 is fully compliant with ITU-T 1988 X.3, X.25, X.28, X.29 and X.121 recommendations. It has been certified by major public networks in USA and in Taiwan.
  • The ALEX.25 is suitable for AT/ISA bus based personal computers. The ALEX.25 support UNIX and MS-DOS drivers. Users of UNIX or PCs can use it to connect to the X.25 packet switched data network cheaply and easily.
  • In addition, ZipCOM offers a series of product line based on ALEX.25. Those include PAD emulator; development toolkit and protocol monitor.
  • All your X.25 networking needs can be fulfilled by putting ALEX.25 cards on your PCs at hand. The unique and simple design in the ALEX.25 card makes it possible to use the same card in various platforms for all purposes. Its simplicity makes the products easy to use, adaptable and highly reliable. By taking advantages of the PC power, its high performance is achieved and is growing with the advancement of the PC technology.
  • Hardware
    • Compatibility: IBM PC/AT or compatibles
    • HDLC Controller: Z8530/8MHz
    • Interrupt Request: IRQ 3, 7 or 11 selectable
    • I/O Address: 0x300 to 0x30F
  • Trunk Port
    • Number Of Trunks: 1 or 2
    • Interface: V.24/RS232, V.35/RS449 (optional)
    • Async Rate: 38.4Kbps
    • Sycn Rate: 64Kbps
    • Clocking: internal or external
    • Connection: leased or dial-up modem
    • Async Modem Control: supported
  • Link Level
    • Framing: LAPB/HDLC
    • Addressing: DTE or DCE
    • Numbering: modulo 8 or modulo 128
    • Parameters: K -- 1 to 127; N1 -- 21 to 4101 octets; T1, T2, T3 -- 100ms to 25 sec
  • Packet Level
    • Service: PVC and/or SVC
    • Max Virtual Circuits: 4095
    • Address Format: ITU-T X.121, 15 digits
    • Packet Size: 16 to 4096 bytes
    • Flow Control Negotiation: yes
    • Window Size: 1 to 127
    • Q/D/M Bits: supported
    • Parameters: T20=180, T21=200, T22=180, T23=180
  • Software
    • Operating System: MS-DOS, Windows, UNIX (optional)
    • Memory Used: 300Kbytes
    • Functions: ITU-T 1988 X.3/X.28/X.29/X.25
  • Mechanical
    • Dimension (L x H): 108 x 153 mm
    • Weight: net 300g
    • Temperature: operating 5 Celsius to 50 Celsius; non-operating 0 Celsius - or 70 Celsius +
    • Relative Humidity: operating 10% to 85%; non-operating 5% - or 95%+
  • Certification
    • FCC part 15 class A; Telenet, USA; Pacnet DCI, Taiwan
  • Complies with ITU-T recommendations X.3, X.25, X.28, X.29 and X.121.
  • Supports 4095 virtual circuits.
  • Selectable RS232 or V.35/RR449 port X.25 card.
  • Configurable trunk speed upto 64Kbps.
  • SVC/PVC supported.
  • Configurable Link Level Parameters: K, N1, N2, T1, T2 and T3
  • D/Q/M bits supported.
  • Packet sizes from 16 to 4096 bytes.
  • Packet/frame level modulo 8 or 128.
  • Packet/frame level window size from 1 to 127.
  • Flow control negotiation.
  • Fast select facility.
  • All other packet level facilities.
  • DTE/DCE addressing.
  • Internal/external clock selectable.
  • Supports MS-DOS, Windows and UNIX.
  • Development toolkit, protocol monitor and PAD emulator are for option.
  • Major US and Taiwan PDN certified.

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