High Speed Auto Coiler For Voice

Product ID: SM-480

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This is made of high-class steel, aluminium alloy body, all new series of special treatment, with compact appearance, convenient for moving, noiseless, less wear rate, easy for maintenance, and longest service life. It is available for high-speed running, equipped with gear setting type of turn counter, stepless adjustment for coiling width, and stop operation for ply number adjustment, so able to adjust coil size as desired, to save trouble for changing parts and to enhance the working economical efficiency. Its excellent electronic control circuit equipped with AC and DC motor makes the operator able to adjust the speed as desired. It is used with (West Germany made) originally packed electromagnetic brake, and designed with precision structure and special mold, to keep any size of coil uniform.
  • Desk type model: No. SM-480
  • Soiling width per section: one
  • Wire diameter: 0.02 ~ 0.3m/m
  • Coiling diameter: 5 ~ 65m/m
  • Coiling: 1 ~ 25m/m
  • Winding pitch: 15 ~ 500m/m
  • No. of layer: 2 or 4
  • No. of converting: 0 ~ 4000RPM
  • Tension: F-45
  • Power supply: AC110V/220V 50/60Hz
  • Body dimension:
    • About 300 L x 280 W x 620 H m/m
    • Weight: about 28Kg
  • Carton packing: about 360 L x 400 W x 460 H m/m x 35Kg
  • Crate packing: about 380 L x 480 W x 660 H m/m x 45Kg

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