Cross-Type Auto Wire-Wrapping Machine

Product ID: SM-450

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This machine is the CNC type of auto control coiler for mass production especially developed for various kinds of flatwise multi sectional coils, medium and small size of transformer coils, and the coils of flyback transformer, electromagnetic coil, oscillator, relay, synchronous motor, igniter, telephone set, and fluorescent lamp ballast, etc., employing the latest 6-reel fly-fork type coiling, to simultaneously complete 6 units of coils per working time, and also using with 2 step type of position change of the operator able to perform simultaneously the secondary (reel) loading and unloading treatment when it is coiling. While position changing, the operator only needs to turn the cross bar by 180 degrees (about 1 second) to make the wire head automatically leaded in and fixed, then is able to start for the secondary coiling for reciprocally, effective equipment utilization, productive efficiency, and reduce and producing cost, so as to attain the maximal economic purpose for selection of this coiler.
  • Numbers of Axle: 6
  • Winding Turns: 0 ~ 99,999T
  • Soiling Width Per Section: 6 Stalk
  • Computer Unit: BY-87-CNC or BY-88-CNC
  • Coiling: 1-50m/m unit 0.01m/m
  • Wire Diameter: 0.05-0.2, 0.18-0.8m/m, 0.03-0.1
  • Coiling Diameter: 50Dia m/m
  • Speed: 200 - 700 RPM
  • Power Supply: 1Dia 200V 50/60Hz
  • Body Dimension: 1,460(L) x 960(W) x 1,280(H)m/m 220KGS
  • Crate Packing: 1,600(L) x 1,100(W) x 1,460(H)m/m 430KGS

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