CNC Automatic Winding Machine SM-916F

Product ID: SM-916F

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  • Control method: CNC four-spindle synchronized control
  • Storage memory: Cassette disc and Printer double storage protection
  • Spindle number: Traverse 16 spindle with spacing 35m/m
  • Revolution speed: 0 ~ 20,000 rpm; can be set to revolve in both directions
  • Revolution angle: one turn 360deg unit 1deg
  • Stop accuracy: +- 0.5deg
  • Wire guide moving range:
    • X axis (front/rear) 60m/m, unit: 0.001 m/m
    • Y axis (left/right) +/-30m/m, unit: 0.01m/m
    • Z axis (up/down) 60m/m, unit: 0.01m/m
  • Wire moving speed: 28 ~ 180m/m sec.
  • Moving precision: 0.01m/m
  • Wire diameter: 0.03-0.3m/m, unit: 0.001m/m
  • Max. Coiling diameter: 30Dia m/m
  • Max. Coiling width: 40m/m
  • End distance: AT least 1.5m/m
  • End processing number: Not limited
  • Winding speed: 120 turn/1min
  • Power supply: Single, three Dia(user request)
  • Power consumption: 5 KVA (including Control Box)
  • Pressurized air: 5kg f/cm^2
  • Air consumption: 10 Ne/min
  • Jig: Auto (in, out)
  • Bind: Auto (horizontal, vertical)(45deg user request)
  • Dimensions: 930(W) x 1,190(D) x 1,600(H)m/m
  • Weight: 420kg (Standard)
  • Dimensions of the Wire Rack: 1,480(W) x 660(D) x 1,720(H)m/m
  • Weight of the Wire Rack: 80kg (Standard)
  • Remarks: Specifications and modifications may change without advance notice.

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