Filler / Screw on Capper

Product ID: KDC-405

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Keeseng filler/ screw on capper, model KDC-405 is specially designed for filling mineral water, juice soya milk, vinegar, wine and other liquid products. The capper can be exclusively used for the plastic pre-threaded caps.
Type 20VX6H 30VX8H 36VX8H 50VX10H
Power 3.75hp 4.25hp 4.25hp 6.25hp
Size 1840(L) x 1450 (W) x 2700 (H) mm 1800(L) x 1505 (W) x 2700 (H) mm 2140(L) x 1616 (W) x 2700 (H) mm 2400(L) x 1800 (W) x 2800 (H) mm
N.W. 2200kg 2800kg 3600kg 4200kg
  • The caps are picked through a star wheel, then picked by the capping head directly, finally the caps are placed on the bottle mouth, through this accurate capping procedure, capping accuracy is guaranteed.
  • Capping head is equipped with magnetic torque controller, which will have no wear & tear, therefore, the life will be longer than the regular capper.
  • Capping torque adjustment is simple and precise.
  • Suitable for pre-screwed or press-on plastic caps.
  • Suitable for caps which can not be picked directly by bottle mouth.

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