Drill Grinder (Floor Model)

Product ID: RF-51N

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Table Longitudinal Travel 160mm Wheel Speed 3,450RPM
Table Cross Travel 160mm New Weight 270kg
Grinding Head Vertical Travel 130mm Packing Dimensions 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,370mm
Grinding Head Swivel 360° Grinding Angle Grinding Angle
Plain Wheel Size 180 x 32 x 31.75mm Face Angle 40° ~ 180°
Cup Wheel Size 161 x 21 x 31.75mm Cutting Angle 0° ~ 18°
Motor 1/2HP 110/220/380V Indexing 1-12 index
  • Well suited for grinding drill bit and tap.
  • Cooling system provided for excellent grinding effect.
  • The wheel fitted with plain and cup wheel to eliminate the trouble some wheel replacement. The tool tip can be properly shaved at a time.
  • This machine has bigger working capacity than that of model RF-12.
  • Tool is clamped by 6-jaw chuck.

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