Semi-Automatic Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

Product ID: YC-B2507

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Yieh Cheen Stretch Blow Moulding Machine is equipped with an advanced computer controller and LCD screen, it's easy to learn and operate. The wide neck stretch blowing is operated through hydraulic and pneumatic systems, combined with direct synchronized pressure prior to stretch blowing for fast motions. This greatly improves operation efficiency and convenience. It's your best choice for blowing PET bottle.
Model YC-B1507 YC-B2507 YC-B5007
Hydraulic Clamping Capacity
Clamping force (ton) 15 25 50
Sealing clamping force (ton) 7 7 7
Blowing pressure (kg/cm? 20 ~ 35 20 ~ 35 20 ~ 35
Stretching pressure (kg/cm? 8 8 8
High pressure air consumption 500 700 1,000
Low pressure air consumption 100 100 300
Maximum mold sizes (mm) L: 320, W: 300, H: 400 L: 320, W: 450, H: 400 L: 450, W: 500, H: 550
Minimum mold thickness (mm) 230 230 320
Mold stroke (mm) 280 280 350
Stretching stroke (mm) 350 350 550
Number of cavities 1 1 1
Maximum container volume (ltr) 6 10 20
Maximum container neck portion (mm) 160 160 100
Maximum container diameter (mm) 230 260 300
Maximum container height (mm) 300 350 450
Power Consumption
Total power consumption (Kw) 36 38 40
Heating power (Kw) 32 32 32
Production capacity (theoretical capacity) 350 350 50
  • The machine is computer controlled with LCD screen.
  • Specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The perform heating machine provides maximum heating temperature distribution on the entire perform.
  • The perform heater outlet can be adjusted in vertical and horizontal direction to suit all types and sizes of bottle.
  • The wide neck sealing motion employs hydraulically operated direct pressure drive. Oversized hydraulic cylinder provides high sealing force up to 7 tons, featuring pressure retaining to ensure extremely secure sealing effect.
  • Specially designed hydraulically operated direct mold open and mold change eliminate adjustment of nuts on the four columns, while upgrading operation convenience.
  • Equipped with a LCD control panel. The controller provides 48 sets of memory. When requested, an optional IC card is available. Self-diagnostic I/O ensures convenient troubleshooting. Error message alarm and indication are displayed on the screen.

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