CPP CO - EX Metallized Film Dry Lamination

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CPP CO-EX metallized film dry lamination: special formulation designed for laminating application. TFI film provides good barrier property with excellent aluminum bondign strength. Low heatsealing temperature is on non metallized side.
Typical properties Unit Test methods Typical value
Thickness Micron Micrometer 25
Yield m^2/kg (min.) N/A 44
Average thickness variation % (max.) ASTM E-252-78 +/-3
Tensile strength kg/mm^2 (min.) MD/TD ASTM D-882-83 4/2
Elongation at break % (max.) MD/TD ASTM D-882-83 400/400
Thermal shrinkage (120 Celsius 15 minutes) % MD/TD ASTM D-1204-84 0.5/0.5
C.O.F. Film/film ASTM D-1894 0.4-0.6
Sealing temperature Celsius 1 bar 1 sec 115-120
Sealing strength g/cm N/A > 400
Optical density (OHM/SQ) (max.) N/A 2.2 (2.05)
WVTR g/m^2/24 hr (max.) ASTM E-96 3.5
O(2)TR cc/m^2/24 hr (max.) ASTM D-1434 600
  • Paper core I.D.: 76mm (3 in.) 152mm (6 in.)
  • Roll O.D.: max. 600mm
  • Width range: 100mm-1500mm (other width on request)
  • Length range: standard 4000m., 6000m.
  • Product code: No. OP-104R1
  • Further technical information on request
  • Note: test aluminum bonding strength according to J.F. Hanlon, handbook of packaging engineering; section 18, test methods, under "bond or delamination" as a knife cut is made through one layer of substrate. Pressure sensitive tape is rubbed down across the cut. The tape is quickly pulled perpendicular to the surface. Any separation is reported as failure".

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