Hong Long Industrial Co., Ltd.
In the 30 years since its beginning, Hong Long developed into one of the leading manufacturers of original equipment metal forgings, stampings, CNC-machining and metal fabrication in the automobile, consumer electronics, transportation, telecommunications and industrial industries. Throughout the company's growth, Hong Long Industrial continually invests in technology and in strengthening its supplier capabilities.
Hong Long is driven to satisfy its customers and provide the best quality parts at competitive prices delivered on-time.
Hong Long Industrial was founded in 1965 by Mr. C. T. Wong, one of the leading experts in the metal stamping and forging industry. Through growth, innovation and expansion, Hong Long developed factories in Taiwan and China to serve manufacturing around the world.
To provide the world community with the best manufactured parts by:
1. Training employees to make quality their number one objective.
2. Investing in the latest technology.
3. Constantly working to improve machine and process efficiencies.
4. Always focusing on customers' needs.