Solar Film

Product ID: 5TBK-BL

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Our film is for all vehicle types, buildings in various universal sizes. (DIY series, jumbo roll). Scratch resistant film, high performance SRC film, glue coating film, two tone film, reflective film / metallized film, security film and safety film, decorative film.
  • Double tone (color graduation) 1 ply non scratch resistant, but reflective film.
  • Color: Black-blue.
  • Size available
    • DIY: 50cm x 3m, 50cm x 6m.
    • Jumbo roll: 50cm x 30m, 50cm x 60m.

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Safety Window Film, Solar Film, Solar Window Film, Solar Control Film, Window Solar Film, Scratch Resistant Film, High Performance SRC Film, Glue Coating Film, Two Tone Film, Reflective Film / Metallized Film, Security Film And Safety Film, Decorative Film