Window Solar Film

Window Solar Film

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Window Solar Film

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window solar film

How to effectively avoid high temporary within automobiles and reduces harmful UV rays are crucial issues in window solar film industry, since excessive sun radiation and glare will cause harm to eyes and health. With advanced technology and years of experiences, Poya-Tech Co., Ltd. offers the best solution for your car windows. Our major product includes window solar films and safety window films that come with different colors and sizes.

Consist of eight layers to ensure the best efficacy in eliminating radiation and rejecting heat, our window solar film series is more than satisfying. Its anti-shatter property also prevents glass splintering for safety and protection. Our window solar film series includes high performance SRC films, double tone films, and glue coating films. Size of DIY series ranges from 20cm*1.5m to 75cm*6m; jumbo rolls from 20cm*61m to 150cm*180m, with more than ten available colors.

Located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Poya-Tech Co., Ltd. focuses on the durability and quality of our window solar films. Every product of Poya-Tech is manufactured within our own factory; thus we can guarantee the consistent quality of our window solar films. With professional technology and passion in providing the best solar films for automobiles, Poya-Tech hopes to become your best choice in window solar films.

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window solar film
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  • 1 ply glue coating, non scratch resistant and non reflective film.
  • Color: Black.
  • Size available
    • DIY: 50cm x 3m, 50cm x 6m.
    • Jumbo roll: 152cm x 30m, 152cm x 60m.

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