Special long length chipboard screws up to 220 mm

Special long length chipboard screws up to 220 mm

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Chipboard Screws

Product ID: P01

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  • Chipboard screws with zine/yellow-zine wax coating.
  • Range: M3 to M6
  • Length: 10 mm to 220 mm
  • Type of head: flat head, double flat head, pan head, oval head.
  • Type of thread: fully thread, partially thread.
  • Recess: pozi, Phillip, torx.
  • !!fea
  • Production: 500 tons per month
  • Main export market: Europe
  • Packing: bulk-15 kg to 20 kg per, 1,000/500/200 pieces per box.
  • Includes: flat head, pan head with pozi.
    • T-drive.
  • Sample Purchase.
  • QS-9000
  • ISO-9002

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