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Collated Drywall and Self-Drilling Screws

Product ID: P04

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  • Ronge
    • M3.5 x 25 mm to 55 mm.
    • M3.9 x 25 mm to 55 mm.
    • No.6 x 1 " to 2-1/4 ".
  • Coatings: zinc or yellow zinc/plated, black phosphorus, dacorotized, K-showlong special coating.
  • Packing: 50 piece/serial, 20 strips/boxes, 10 boxes/cartons, palletized.
  • Drywall screws: bugle head-phil head.
  • Self-drilling screws: bugle head-phil harden, wafer head-phil harden, pan-framing-phil harden.
  • Main export markets: world-wide
  • Good quality short lend time, special design and competitive price.
  • QS-9000
  • ISO-9002

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