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Quick printer offers rugged performance: Able Systems has also released a sophisticated panel mounted printer called the Ap42-M, which combines reliability, ruggedness and print quality. This high-speed printer is housed in a metal case and offers exceptional print speeds of 96 characters per second (equivalent to 2.3 lines per second) across 42 columns. Now available with a metal front cover, this version has a front door which locks to the behind panel chassis ensuring it cannot be opened accidentally, even when inverted. With a MCBF (mean cycle between failure) of 1.5 million lines, the Ap42-M offers up to three times more reliability than other standard units. Capable of printing either 35 or 42 columns, the printer gives 210 dots per line in graphics mode. The behind panel case of this compact printer measures just 137mm wide by 91mm high and 131mm deep and is DIN sized for convenience-making it ideal for 19 inch rack applications. Mounting the printer is straightforward and the changing of the paper roll and snap-in ribbon cartridge is made easy as the printer door swings open to reveal both. Able Systems' Ap42-M panel mounted printer has an operating temperature range of 0-50 Celsius and is available in both parallel and serial versions. Operation is from a 12V DC power supply.

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