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Enhancement to high-speed printer range now offers variable voltage input: expanding our range of miniature impact printers is the Ap24XS-V, which adds to the already successful Ap24 series of panel mounting printers. This enhancement offers variable voltage input with the option of 9-36V DC - making it ideal for automotive applications where widely fluctuating power supplies prevent the use of 5V units. The Ap24XS-V is a compact panel mounting printer which offers an exceptional print speed of 60 characters per second (equivalent to 2.5 lines per second at 24 characters per line). Complete with integral RS232 interface, the printer is available in 24 or 40 column versions - the latter size being increasingly popular in automotive applications. Available in one compact unit measuring 113.5mm wide by 66mm high and 96mm deep, these printers feature a polycarbonate case for strength and durability. Mounting the printers is straightforward, while changing the paper roll and snap-in ribbon cartridge is easy as the printer door swings open to reveal both. The Ap24XS-V has a MCBF (mean cycles between failure) of 1.5 million lines - offering up to three times more reliability than other standard units. The standard character set is the IBM PC offering 220 characters including block graphics. Double-width, double-height, inverted characters and dot-addressable graphics are also available. An 8K-byte buffer is also provided as standard.

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