High Temp. Dehumidification Systems

Product ID: L-300, L-500, L-1200, L-2500

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Outstanding performance and price for small to mid-sized operations. If you know lumber, you know Nyle dry kilns are the best in the business. And your operation can have the power, quality, and reliability Nyle is famous for with one of our four high temperature L series models. They're designed for loads of 2,500 to 45,000bd.ft. They're easy to use, and they give you precision control over your drying. So you can produce top quality results with incredible efficiency. Nothing on the market comes close to Nyle power and quality. And our patented XDH system lets Nyle dryers operate over a wider temperature range and with greater energy efficiency than any other dryers available-of any kind. Add in our affordable pricing and total support behind every system we sell, and you just can't make a better choice than Nyle. Call us toll free today. Find out how you can make your operation more efficient and profitable with a Nyle dry kiln system.
Model L-300 L-500 L-1200 L-2500
Compressor nominal HP 3 5 12 24.5
Internal blower motor HP 1 1.5 3 7.5
Auxiliary electric heat (see note 1) 8KW 12KW 48KW 72KW
Circulating fans (see note 2) 3@1/2HP 5@1/2HP 4@2HP 5@3HP
Fan diameter (see note 3) 24" (61cm.) 24" (61cm.) 30" (75cm.) 36" (90cm.)
Reversing fans Optional Optional Standard Standard
Over-temperature vents Two auto. Two auto. Two auto. Two auto.
Operating temperature range 70 Celsius to 160 Fahrenheit, 21 Celsius to 72 Celsius 70 Celsius to 160 Fahrenheit, 21 Celsius to 72 Celsius 70 Celsius to 160 Fahrenheit, 21 Celsius to 72 Celsius 70 Celsius to 160 Fahrenheit, 21 Celsius to 72 Celsius
Electric-volts/phase/hertz 220/1/60 220/1/50 220/3/60 220/3/50 460/3/60 380/3/50 575/3/60 220/1/60 220/1/50 220/3/60 220/3/50 460/3/60 380/3/50 575/3/60 220/3/60 220/3/50 460/3/60 380/3/50 573/3/60 220/3/60 220/3/50 460/3/60 380/3/50 573/3/60
Discharge duct riser Included Included Included Included
Nominal water removal per 24 Hrs. 420lbs. (191kg.) 720lbs. (327kg.) 1650lbs. (750kg.) 3300lbs. (1500kg.)
Load capacity 2,500-8,000 BD.FT. (6-18 cu. Meters) 4,000-15,000 BD.FT. (9-35 cu. Meters) 1,500-30,000 BD.FT. (35-70 cu. Meters) 2,200-45,000 BD.FT. (50-100 cu. Meters)
  • Affordable, easy to operate, unbeatable Nyle quality
  • With the quality features that make Nyle the world leader in lumber drying.
    • Total recovery heat pump technology for maximum energy efficiency-uses 60% to 80% less energy than conventional kilns
    • Corrosion resistant, epoxy coated aluminum cabinets
    • Extra long life dehumidification coils, five-step coated and oven baked.
    • Precise control systems that require just a few minutes of daily monitoring, with electronic wet bulb/dry bulb controls, wet bulb tray, and wick assembly
    • Two year limited warranty on compressor and refrigeration coils
  • All L-series packages include auxiliary heater, circulating fans, controls, prewired electric panel, automatic over-temperature vents, and ductwork
  • Note 1: systems are available with steam or hot water coils or with no auxiliary heat. Contact Nyle for details.
  • Note 2: Nyle offers a wide variety of fan sizes and construction. Sizes and types can be altered to fit your specific job requirements.
  • Note 3: standard fan housings are steel. Motors meet Nyle specs for kiln duty. Blades are steel or aluminum
  • Note 4: systems are available with programmable recorder-controllers
  • Warranty: one year on materials and workmanship, one additional year on compressor and dehumidification coil. See complete warranty form for details. All specifications subject to change without notice
  • Questions? call the Nyle experts for straight answers.
  • At Nyle, you get the straight answers you need from the same lumber drying professionals who design and build our systems. We'll give you information on drying methods, answer your questions about servicing and maintaining the equipment, and give you expert advice and assistance in designing and building your kiln chamber. When you talk to a Nyle expert, you're talking to someone who knows lumber drying and dehumidification systems from the ground up. Someone who really understands the business. We're the largest manufacturer of dehumidification drying systems in the U.S. And we're dedicated to giving you the answers you need-whether it's your first call or whether you've owned your system for 15 years. So call us today... and find out what real customer service is all about

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