CNC Strip Forming Machine

CNC Strip Forming Machine

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CNC Strip Forming Machine

Product ID: YSM CNC-10T

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Length of wire Feeding  
Hardness of wire 80
Wire size 0.1-1.0mm
Width of Stirip Wire 10mm
Thickness of Stirip Wire 0.04-0.5mm
Punching Pressure 1500kg
Production Speed 250pcs/min
Slide Power 400kg
Motor Rating X:1HP Y:1.2HP
Packing Dimensions 1500x900x1800m/m
Gross Weight 700kg

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We specialize in vary kind of CNC spring making machines, such as CNC spring former, CNC coiler, CNC wire strip former, garter spring coiler, strut(rope) hanger machine, furnace, spring measuring device.

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