Qiang Xin Hardware Products Co., Ltd
We are specializing in manufacture of stainless steel screws & fasteners which are in high quality, high intensity and antirust capacity. Salt spray testing for our passivated stainless steel products all can reach up to 72 hours or more, and the longest can reach up to 4000 hours. Tensile strength for our products can reach up to 1650N/mm2(Mpa).

Our 410 stainless steel self drilling screw #12 with point 3 can easily drill through 6mm steel plate. 410 stainless steel self drilling screw #12 with point 5 can easily drill through 12mm steel plate and can be used four times.

Our products are widely used in building(roofing and window), telecommunication, household electric appliance, sanitary product, kitchen appliance, automobile, pump & valve, electronics, electromechanical, railway, shipbuilding, furniture and chemical industry and so on.

Stainless Steel Self-Drilling Tapping Screws, Tapping Screws, Machine Screws, Screws With Captive Washer, Bolts, Rivets, Washers, Nuts, Shaft, Special screws, Automotive fasteners

Material: (Japan、Korea、Taiwan)
302HQ(XM-7), 304, 304HC, 304L, 305J1, 316, 316CU, 316L, 410, 430, 550

A2-50/A2-70/A2-80, A4-50/A4-70/A4-80, C1-110, F1-60, B6/B8/B8M

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