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By Natasha Lin 2007/06/21

YBICOWhen it comes to keep packing handy and fun, there's no company more thorough than Yang Bey Industrial Co., Ltd. (YBICO), Taiwanese manufacturer for manual packing tools. The company has been scrubbing out the spots since established in 1979. One of its secrets to success lies in the talents of reverse thinking. Every year, YBICO budgeted quite a lot for visiting exhibitions to expend its markets, while others participated in the trade shows. There are so many reasons why that’s a great idea. YBICO gain the competitions.

“We believe those who registered for trade shows would attempt to ambitiously represent their businesses. They are the people who we seek as potential customers. On the other hand, YBICO is yet more active and much closer to the markets. We focus on customers objectives and made what they needs” YBICO's Sales Manager Judy Yu continued. “We visit exhibitions worldwide as many as we can especially fast growing markets such as, Turkey, Russia, Dubai, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil and Czech.

This year, YBICO has set up new production line with a standard processing program according to an ISO 9001:2000 norm. This new production line reduces processing from 70 days to 45 days. It also increases sales income to a great amount. To service its customers better, YBICO provide one-stop shopping service to satisfy its customers' needs. Its current main product rage includes Strapping Tools, Label Dispensers, Banding Tools, Tape Dispensers, Film Dispensers and more.

Aside from offering its products on an ODM and OEM basis, the company also promotes them under its own YBICO brand. Through its well-established independent global distributors with the most variety of good quality packing tools which can apply to packing material like film, tape, strapping, paper, label, wire ties, seals, cable ties and more. It is now leading manufacturer in the field."I don't want to sound conceited, but there are very few of our competitors in the market could provide high quality and diverse products like us" Judy said proudly.

[Product Focus]

productsBubble Wrap Dispenser (BD100) is original made in Europe; however, YBICO is only manufacturer in Asia. This high quality polytechnic adopts a durable heat-treated blade. It saves time on dispensing, sizes, cutting and stuff operations. YBICO's Bubble Wrap Dispenser is able to cut various kinds of packing materials such as, packing foam, foil, bubble wrap, packing paper and corrugated wrap.

Fiberglass Tape Dispenser (TF110D) has been extensively applied to upholstery. With its ergonomic rubber handle design, this specialized dispenser tackles repairing jobs ease and speed. This dispenser features tension control tape spool, trigger operated cutting blade and flip down roller for precise application to inside corners. The fiberglass tape dispenser can be used for 1-1/2'', 2'' or 3'' tape core sizes.

Aside from specialized products, YBICO also provides foundation level packaging tools. Plastic Strapping Tensioner (P353) is nice and easy piece of kit to use. With its special design function, it is ideal for PP/PET/Cord strapping, especially for round packaging. This strapping tensioner is able to handle strap widths between 1/2'' to 3/4''. Another popular basic level of tensioner is Steel Strapping Tensioner (S290), which is a very sturdy and durable tensioner. It is ideal for flat packaging.

There are much more products for different packaging purpose use. Please visit the following web site for more information. /tool/yangbey

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Slogan: Satisfy customers' requests and continuously improve product quality!

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