Gas Chlorinator

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In 1962 Acormet led the Australian water supply industry into the all-vacuum era of gas chlorination equipment with a unique design and safer chlorine handling. Now, in 1998, with those 35 years of experience - ACROMET takes the lead again with the highest standards in design and construction and new design feature - to make using chlorine gas even safer and yet further contain the costs of chlorinating water: municipal-industrial-swimming pools. All with materials of the 90's. Still offering the options of direct cylinder, tonne container or wall mounting. ACROMET in '98 brings a host of new features - as in '62 leaving all others behind with old technology, design features and materials. No more: expensive regulator diaphragm replacements. Twisted regulator bodies that no longer seal. Corroded inlet fittings, bolts and crews. Yes! - guaranteed for life. Rather than present a long list of the ACROMET CL series features, here's just one to be going on with. Ever had trouble identifying parts for replacement? NO MORE - all parts permanently carry their identifying part number. Such is the thought that has gone into the latest ACROMET chlorinator, then of course there's the double ejector check valve and the extensive use of the very latest fluoroplastics - all to ensure that your chlorinator does not self-destruct. And yes - we do continue to support and service our earlier installations and supply replacement parts and complete units of the old advance models if you prefer, and at better prices than ever.

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