Heating Resistant Waterproofing Coating

Product ID: T-200/201

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PENTENS T-200 is based on a new generation of acrylic polymers. Although originally created with the myriad problems of roofing in mind, PENTENS T-200 protects deck, wood siding, fences, roofs, concrete or anything else that needs protection from the ravages of acid rain, freeze-thaw cycles, sunlight, bacteria and fungus.
PENTENS T-200 dramatically reduces solar heat absorption in either air conditioned or un-airconditioned buildings. It takes the majority of the heat load off a building's skin and reduces temperatures to approximately that of outside shade.
  • PENTENS T-200 is a one-part elastomeric cross-linking latex copolymer emulsion that is air and UV curing.
  • Chemical resistant and waterproofing coating formulated for use on anywhere.
  • To be applied with brush, roller or airless spray.
  • Adheres well over aged galvanized and metal roofs, wood, asphalt or aluminum coatings, polystyrene foam insulation, polyester plastic panels, precast flat concrete and barrel cement tiles and many roofing materials.
  • Has a high rate of water vapor transmission which permits moisture in the substrate to escape without causing blistering, peeling, or flaking.

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