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Scart Adaptor-Scart Plug to 3RCA+ S-Video

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Scart Adaptor-Scart Plug to 3RCA+ S-Video

Product ID: TC-2219/TC-2220/TC-2221

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This adaptor can connect 3x RCA Video cables and 1 S-Video. The adaptor is very well constructed from tough plastic and the slide switch appears to be of good quality as well. Switchable signal direction-adaptor can be used to provide stereo phono & s-video outputs or inputs. In output mode, the adaptor can be used to feed the video signal from a TV or DVD player to a projector or an older television which has phono / RCA input connectors. In input mode, it allows for connection of a games console or a DVD player which has phono / RCA video output to a television with a Scart input.

  • Scart Plug to 3RCA Jack+S-Video Jack
  • Assembly Type
  • In, Out and In/out with switch
  • A scart adapter for converting a scart connector to component video, YUV / YPrPb / YCrCb.
  • Component connection using 3 gold plated phono connectors, colour coded RGB.
  • This adapter is bi-directional but will only work with a scart that supports component video. RGB and component are not the same and this adapter will not allow connection of an RGB signal to component.
  • These adapters may be used with an RGB scart switch to turn it into a component video switch.
  • RoHS
  • CE
  • FCC

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