Electromechanical Level Measuring System

Electromechanical Level Measuring System

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Electromechanical Level Measuring System

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EE122 Electromechanical Level Measuring System includes EE102 Sounding Level Transmitter and EE020 level measurement.
In the EE102 transmitter, there is a sensing lever that is controlled by sensing pulley and measuring cable. Also, the sensing lever applied a spring to keep it on
normal position. When started, counting pulse will be sent to EE020 Level Measurement while the steel cable moves downward and to drives measuring pulley and measuring cam simultaneously. When sensing weight touch the material inside the container, the sensing lever will pull up by spring, Level Measurement stop counting. Further, the sensing weight will return to its original position and completed the measurement.
Besides, if sensing weight covered was occurred and the sensing lever will pull down by sensing cable, signal will be sent out, cover light on, and the cable motor running will stop. If steel cable broken, there is signal to send out, break light on, and the motor running stop.

Product Introduction

  • Controlled by microprocessor, it has multifunction and easy to realize.
  • It can be set up two alarms for high and low. The output contact is 3A/250V SPDT.
  • LED display can indicate the level position or percentage of the material in the container. The upper display indicates percentage value; ton/ meter. The lower display is to show the height of the material level in the container; meter/inch/feet.
  • One set 4~20mA analog output.
  • Cable broken alarm: If steel cable broken, transducer will drive motor stop running and indicates on controller.
  • Cover alarm: If sensing weight and steel cable being covered by incoming material, control panel will indicate it automatically.
  • Manual Start mode or Automatic Timer Start mode.
  • LED display value can be set to show the real storage or remaining capacity of the tank.
  • The sensing weight will be pulled back at the preset zero point (tank bottom), to avoid sensing weight slide into tank outlet and cause equipment damage.
  • Upper display could be used to display different units proportionally. (Such as Ton/Liter/Height, etc...)

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