British Standard Exit Push Button with IR sensor

British Standard Exit Push Button with IR sensor

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Exit Push Button with IR sensor , British Standard

Product ID: PG-BUTN-286/IR

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  • Dimensions: 5(plate) / 31 (total depth) x 86(W) x 86(L) mm.
  • Hole distance : 60mm
  • Face plate: Stainless steel(Thickness: 1mm) . IR sensor made of Polycarbonate fire-proof material and UV resistant.
  • Power supplyDC12V 15%, Power consumption(Standby:15mA, Action:25mA).
  • Door relay contact rating 1A@DC24V with N.C / N.O outputs.
  • Operating temperature -20°C ~70°C.
  • IR sensor sealed to IP65.
  • We reserve the right to change the specification without notice or obligation!
  • Built-in micro controller with power on self testing function (green light on for one second and no action from relay red light on to complete power on self testing).
  • Use of special infrared encoder design in order to avoid distraction of other infrared.
  • Double colors status light (standby: Red, Proximity: Green). Adjustable proximity range (3~12cm). Different object has different reflection rate. Human body s reflection rate is rated as 18% which has proximity range of about10cm.
  • Door opening time adjustable 0.5~20 seconds.

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