Research and Development


Pongee is specialized to implement the products with simple circuits but with power functions. We handle the signal in brief components but with reliable algorism realized by combination of Micro processors & A/D conversion elements.The primary advantages to equip the products with superior and more bountiful functions than the competitor but with exportable functions in the future with more attractive price for competition.

Primary Competitive Advantagesp

With the practical and easy operative value of the product, the supplier brings out the diversity of merits as well as competitive price to the product. Besides, considering the proficiency techniques of making the electronic and hardware device, the product can provide various applications to you.

No. of Employee: 5~9
Location: Taiwan
Procedures/testing Details
Our in-house QC team is composed of 5 production staff members trained to perform quality inspections. They operate on the principle of providing the best quality and improving the production process.
Well equipped QC facilities working under the TQM (Total Quality Management) principles plus our experienced staff gives us confidence in our quality of our products. We test materials and components, and then carry out QC procedures at each stage of production, including random product checking, pre- and post-packaging checks, and checks before delivery.


  • RF spectrum
  • EMC/EMI Tester
  • Statistic Electricity Tester
  • Vibration Tester
  • Force Tester
  • Buttery Tester
Standards & Approvals

ISO9001:2008, CE, FCC

R & D
No. of Employee: 10 to 19
Location: Taiwan
Innovation/Improvement Details
With basic technical kernel capability for analog & digital & firm ware, software and even mechanical for many years experience as well as long term supply chain & sub contractor, we are confident to design & research for quickly response to market demand


    .RF Spectrum .MCU Developing & Evaluation System .Logic Analyzer .High Accuracy Multi meters

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