2 Band Car Audio Processor

Product ID: PT12913

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The PT12913 is a 2 band audio signal processor specially designed for car radio applications. The device includes a high performance audio processor with fully integrated audio filters. The digital control allows programming in a wide range of filter characteristics.
• 3 SE stereo inputs and 1 Quasi-Differential input with selectable input gain• Input gain control: 0 to +20dB, 1dB/step• 2 channels electronic volume with soft step function: +15 to -79dB with 1dB/step• Soft mute• Tone control (Bass and Treble): -20 to +20dB, 1dB/step with softstep. Bass: f0=100Hz, Q=1.0. Treble: f0=10KHz, Q=1.25• Loudness: 0 to 20dB, 1dB/step with softstep function.• 4 independent speaker outputs with softstep volume: +15 to -79dB with 1dB/step• Controlled by I2C BUS interface• Low distortion and low noise• 20-pin SSOP package

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