Audio Processor IC

Audio Processor IC

Audio Processor IC

Product ID: PT2314E

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The product is an audio processor IC designed for versatile application, includes 4 stereo input selector with adjustable gain, master volume control with low frequency loudness compensation, speaker output attenuator and tone control. The audio processor IC provided by Princeton features that per channel output can be muted individually. With several advantages it is a good solution for the home audio signal processing.

The audio processor IC characterized with wide operation range from 4V to 10V is low harmonic distortion and low noise during operation. Due to the high reliability requirement from the audio business, this product improves both audio performances and input surge current capability, these causes the product is the great choice for the cost-effective audio systems.

Princeton is a reliable manufacturer based in Taiwan with many years experience in audio processor IC, VCM motor driver IC, audio amplifier IC etc. Provided with quality expertise technology, we are reputed to offer reasonable prices and dedicated service for our customers worldwide.  

    • Flat Panel TV
    • Home Audio System
    • Powered Speaker System
  • 4 stereo inputs with gain selection, range from 0dB to +11.25dB in 3.75dB/step
  • Master volume from 0 dB to -78.75dB in 1.25dB/step
  • Speaker attenuator for balance, range from 0dB to -38.75dB in 1.25dB/step
  • Each channel output can be muted individually.
  • Low frequency loudness compensation
  • Bass and Treble control, range from -14dB to +14dB in 2dB/step
  • Wide operation range (VDD=4V to 10V)
  • Low harmonic distortion, low noise
  • Improved and replace PT2314 and PT2314A

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