PT4455 PLL-based OOK/ASK Transmitter IC

Product ID: PT4455

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PT4455 is a high performance OOK/ASK

transmitter for the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

systems. It consists of a power amplifier, one-shot

circuit and phase-locked loop with internal voltage

controlled oscillator and loop filter. The one-shot

circuit control the phase-locked loop and power

amplifier to have fast start-up time in operation.
• Highly integrated OOK/ASK transmitter• High output power, 3V /+11dBm /17mA• Low supply voltage, 2.2V to 3.6V operation range• Low external component cost.• PLL-based transmitter with frequency range from300MHz to 450MHz• On-chip one-shot circuit• 60dB RF on-off ratio for OOK/ASK modulation• Available in 6-pin, SOT-23 package

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