ASK/OOK Superheterodyne Receiver

ASK/OOK Superheterodyne Receiver

High Sensitivity ASK/OOK Superheterodyne Receiver

Product ID: PT4302

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The PT4302 is a single chip RF receiver designed for low power consumption, high receiving sensitivity remote control applications. The PT4302’s highly integrated design requires few external passive components, leading to a savings in PCB area. The PT4302’s current consumption is less then 3mA at 5V supply voltage when operating in the 315MHz frequency band.

The PT4302’s built-in low noise amplifier, automatic gain control circuitry and its use of a 10.7MHz intermediate frequency all contribute to PT4302’s outstanding receiving sensitivity and robust interference immunity. The PT4302 is well-suited for use in automobile/motorbike security systems, remote shutter control systems and lighting control systems, all of which must work reliably in electro-magnetically noisy environments. In addition, the PT4302’s built-in voltage regulator allows it to operate over a wide supply voltage range (2.4 to 5.5V). The PT4302 is housed within a small SSOP-16 package.

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