How does SAN JU Electric test the noise created by AC fans and determine the result?
<San Ju Electric conducts the noise testing following the procedures set by ISO-3745 standards. It is done in the anechoic room with background noise below 15dBA (decibels). The AC fan being tested is set up to run in a free airflow environment, the noise detector is placed one meter from the fan in a 90 degree angle. The testing result, sound pressure level, is expressed through the octave frequency band, using dBA (decibels) as its measuring unit.
Does San Ju Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. provide OEM services?
<San Ju Electric Machinery welcomes companies, who are interested in cooperating in AC fan’s product development, mold production and other OEM opportunities.
What does SAN JU is model number represent?
<San Ju’s model number each consists of fan size, speed, voltage and bearing type.
Does SAN JU sell AC fan accessories?
<In order to provide our customers with one-stop shopping convenience, San Ju also sells AC fan accessories such as fan filters, power cords and more.
Does SAN JU accept orders for samples only? What are the terms of delivery?
<Yes, we accept orders for samples only. Once the model type, price and quantity have been determine, the buyer then faxes or emails the purchase order to our sales department for processing. For samples of San Ju’s standard products, we should be able to fulfill the order for delivery within a week.
Would SAN JU’s AC fans sustain normal working condition under harsh environments?
<San Ju’s AC fan ball bearing series offer a variety of protection levels, including IP44, IP55 which can operate normally under extreme environments such as area contains high level of acid concentration and in damp or humid surroundings.
Does SAN JU produce intelligent AC fans which are able to perform different functions?
<San Ju Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. utilizes advanced technology in product design, research and development. Our AC fans are equipped with functions such as speed testing, stalling or ceasing alarm, temperature adjustment and more.
What would be the ideal temperature for AC fans to function normally?
<AC fans’ operating temperature is generally able to sustain from -30°C to +90°C. However, if the fan is exposed in higher temperature environment, it tends to reduce the life span of the fan.
What are the special voltage specifications for AC fans?
<The following are the special voltage specifications that can be customized: 12V, 24V, 48V, 380V, 440V, 50/60HZ and etc.
What is the average life span of SAN JU’s AC fan?
<San Ju’s AC fans, under normal circumstances and normal usage, the average life span is three to five years. The average life span for sleeve bearing series is three years and for the ball bearing series, it is five years.

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