Shining World Health Care Co., Ltd.




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Throughout the years, Shining World Health Co. Ltd had invested heavily in production facilities; we are producing a high percentage of our products in our own factory located inTaiwan. Taking this one line production advantages, we are able to have more quality controls over our products, more cost effective and able to monitor our products at any stages during production.

  • Robotized production lines & checking tools for ESU Pencils
  • Production stability is ensured
  • Quality is standardize throughout robotized production
  • Capacity at present approximate 20,000pcs/day with existing facilities
  • Potential capacity can be tripled within 6 months as vacant building space can be used for expansion.

Shining World Health Care Co., Ltd. (Shinmed) creates efficiency manufacturing for the medical device industry, helping clients to increase sales, lower operating costs and improve return on investment. In addition, Shinmed optimize manufacturing equipment, factory productivity and enterprise efficiency. Shinmed solutions enable customers to bring products to market with greater speed and profitability.


ISO 13485
Japan FMDM

Staff Detail
  • Production: 40
  • Q.C.: 5
  • R&D: 3
  • Others: 10
Product Lines
  • ESU Peripheral
  • Respiratory Therapy - Ultrasonic Nubulizer
  • Respiratory Therapy - Resuscitator
  • Medical Cable
  • Suction Liner

Contact Detail