Established in 1975, YTS Technology had mainly imported aluminum billets, produced doors and windows. In 1996, YTS has obtained ISO 9001:2000 awards and has been closely cooperates with the ITRI to conduct technical transfer and co-research and development. In 1998, YTS Technology has successfully shifted its business and devoted in thermal solution industry. Ever since then, we have been supplying international companies like APPLE, ACBEL, HP, FLEXTRONICS…with uniquely customized CPU Coolers.

With more than 20 year experience in aluminum industry and opportunity of being CPU Cooler supplier to most of the world-famous companies, YTS Technology is now in a position to provide our customer with high-quality, reliable products with lower reasonable costs.

Our main products include aluminum extrusion, heat sinks, CPU coolers, enclosures and front panels. We are focused on the industry automation system, power supply, intelligence technology and telecommunication system. We are equipped with a full series of production equipment with 10 CNC machining capacity, stamping, surface treating, assembling operation and thermal testing.

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