Ponto International Development Co., Ltd.
Taiwan's unique culinary culture is famous worldwide. Ponto Foods has been dedicated to making wholesome and delicious frozen pie food products since its inception in 1992. Our motto is "Number One in Safe, Dependable and Delectable Foods". We're certified and guarantee our international standards in quality excellence. We have passed the HACCP ISO9001's rigorous international standards examination. No matter in sanitation safety or production manufacturing, the customer's health is our main consideration. Our frozen pies do not contain preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, or MSG. They are made with high quality, higher cost fine ingredients, and with low stress vegetable oils; made with a delicate and unique taste, all the products, are painstakingly made and have a wide variety of flavors. From Taiwan to countries around the world, we receive great reviews from our customers, and receive special attention from health conscious customers that love organic vegetarian foods. In the future, Ponto Foods will progress with our customers into a world of diversified development, providing a multitude of healthy food products. With an endless pursuit of research and development at the same time we must also maintain great traditional tastes, and the two aspects of novelty and tradition can complement each other in wonderful ways.
Number One in Safe, Dependable and Delectable Foods
Health Conscious, Rigorous Selection of Ingredients
No Artificial Coloring
No Preservatives
Top-grade Flour
No Chemical Flavoring
Made in Taiwan, Please Enjoy With Peace of Mind

International Quality Assurance
1992 - Chinese Industry, Commerce, Economy, Trade, Science & Technology Development Association "National Quality Assurance Award"
1993 - Fourth Annual "Taiwan International Quality Food and Equipment Exhibition Special Excellence Golden Award"
1995 - "Excellent Foods Review Golden Medal Award"
2005 - passing the rigorous HACCP ISO9001 International Certification

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