Sheng Ching Enterprise Co., Ltd.

This products was convenient and safety to use. The 2 sharpening rods used the high degree of hardness material quality to be possible to promote the wear-resisting number of times.

Since 1986, An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company specialized on metal pressing manufacturing in various sector.
Sheng Ching Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been supplying quality presswork to companies worldwide. Sheng Ching is an Taiwanese owned company founded in 1986 and currently manufactured various metal components & various products in Residential uses. From just inside Sheng Ching could supply you with high quality various pressings components, both deep drawn & conventional, Die Cast products (included Centrifugal, Ceramic Molds, Sand, Shell, Dewaxing & more) from one of Taiwan finest pressing manufacturer. All made to clients exact and detailed specification.
Sheng Ching have built up a reputation for quality and services by working with our customers from the project stage to final solution. We aim to offer you expert advice on manufacturing methods to product metal pressing, pressed components and sub-assemblies at the right price and quality.
We offer a team of dedicated of metal pressing tasks, working with Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals for variety of industry.
Sheng Ching believe in working closely with our customer-reacting quickly to resolve any problems, and most of all we keeping customer informed, when you contact us you are fully assured that you dealing with a skilled engineer who can give you instant answer.
Here you can rely on our quality control to your specification.
Contact us and we will be pleased to help with your requirement.

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  • Capital
    USD$ 300,000
  • Annual Sales:
    USD$ 4,500,000
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    • OEM Manufacturer
    • ODM Manufacturer
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    • Value Added Reseller
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      World Wide