Abdin Marketing & Inv. Group.
ASHTAR is a leading Jordanian supplier of natural Dead Sea products, our range of skin and hair care products based on the minerals of the Dead Sea for healing, smoothing and relaxing effects. ASHTAR is the Assyro-Babylonian goddess of love, beauty, health and fertility whose domain embraced all nature which the Dead Sea is one of its miracles. Deep in the Jordan valley 1300 ft. below sea level where the Dead Sea lies. A giant reservoir of therapeutic minerals fed by many mineral water springs. AMI Group was established to take a fresh approach to the production of fine quality products, we invest in different economic sectors, a wide range of products recognized locally and internationally. Political and economical changes in the region made it necessary for us to invest heavily in production technologies to ensure customer satisfaction, achieve mass production, increase productivity and win a competitive edge over competitors. At AMI Group we employ high qualified professionals who are exposed to the latest concepts in technology and management and who strive to fulfill consumer needs through production of high quality products at a competitive price. Join our great net work of customers who enjoy the benefits of being one of quality products at a competitive price.